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Pay your monthly bills like Electricity, Landline postpaid, Mobile postpaid, Water, Gas etc.. using our Utility Bill Payment feature by login to Internet Banking.

Tips for Safe Online Banking

  1. Visit our Internet Banking site directly or through our official website. Avoid accessing the site through a link from another site or an e-mail. Verify the domain name displayed to avoid spoof websites.
  2. Use the Virtual Keypad for enhanced security to enter your net banking passwords.
  3. If you do not see your theme Image on the login page then do not proceed further.
  4. Always check the last log-in date and time in the post login page.
  5. Do not store your ID/PIN in the Internet Explorer Browser.

To improve your internet security

  1. Newer version of Operating System with latest security patches.
  2. Latest version of Browsers (for eg. IE 8.0 and above, Mozilla Firefox 3.1 and above, Google chrome, etc.)
  3. Firewall is enabled.
  4. Antivirus signatures applied.
  5. Scan your computer regularly with Antivirus to ensure that the system is Virus/Trojan free.
  6. Change your Internet Banking password at periodical intervals.

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